Natural, editorial wedding photography
located in Philadelphia, traveling worldwide.


Artistic nuance with a relaxed approach.

Opposites attract.

The best of both worlds.

Yin and Yang. 

When Pat — a service-obsessed entrepreneur — met Claire — a non-representational painter — over a deceptively simple coffee a decade ago, neither had any idea what lay in store for their lives together. Ever since that fateful day, they have been nearly inseparable in both work and life. 

Every couple that collaborates with Pat and Claire benefits from their two unique artistic perspectives. Claire, a classically-trained artist, provides individualized creative direction, bringing a curated style, nuance, and emotion to every angle and detail of an event. Pat focuses on the human element, with a talent for instantly disarming his subjects, intuitively understanding how to make people comfortable, and sincerely conveying individual personalities through his laid back approach. Together, their talents will ensure that clients will feel as beautiful in front of the camera as they look through the lens. 

They photograph most often in New York City, Brooklyn, Cape Cod, New England, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. They are seasoned travelers as well - and have documented many assignments both nationally and internationally.

Documenting love in a stylish, editorially charged manner, while carefully highlighting the honest connection between two people is what inspires Pat and Claire to create. Their shared goal is to elevate and create images that transcend the wedding genre while still being honest observers of genuine moments on such a momentous day.

“Pat and Claire bring a sense of partnership to wedding days that is unmatched in the industry. The result leaves us with a gallery that always quite literally blows our minds. Our couples love their laid back and entertaining personalities. There’s a reason why Pat and Claire have been our most recommended photographer partner over the last 10 years and they just keep getting better and better.”



Pat is a people person with a deep dedication to the art of photography. His commitment extends beyond capturing fleeting moments – he strives to deliver an outstanding level of service to every couple, starting from the initial conversations to each personal interaction on a wedding day.

Above all, Pat’s natural, conversational art direction and documentary-style approach can make anyone feel comfortable in front of a camera. He can innately, instantaneously connect with people from all walks of life — enabling them to feel so at ease, they seamlessly become their best, most beautiful selves.

meet Pat and Claire


Claire is a classically trained painter whose eye informs our personalized creative direction for every wedding — from location scouting, to styling all of the beautifully individualistic wedding day details, to finding the most interesting light to fill the frame.

Claire is also the studio’s lead editor. After the weekend’s events, she scrutinizes and hand-selects each photograph, delivering images crafted specifically to reflect the feel of the day with natural realism and uncompromising style.

Two perspectives, one partnership


Together, our combined talents will ensure
that you’ll feel as beautiful in front of the
camera as you look through the lens.

Every couple we work
with benefits from our
two unique artistic